Making the Application Process Easier

“Marco helped me a huge amount with my college search and applications. We put together a college list I was very happy with, and he helped me make my college essays more specific. With his help I was able to improve my writing skills, and he made the whole application process a lot easier.”
– Cassius was accepted at the University of San Diego, Gonzaga University, and Loyola Marymount. He plans to play Division 1 baseball at whichever school he finally chooses.

Focus and Organization

“Marco helped me focus my college search to make it more manageable. At our first meeting he helped me define my areas of interest and what campus environments I could see myself in for the next four years. The next time we met, Marco had created a personal binder for me with as many tabs as my English notebook, only better organized. He suggested schools that I had overlooked or never heard of, and helped me look deeper into what life at different campuses was really like, beyond just the academics. As I took this approach further, it gradually led me to the University of Oregon, a university that really excited me and that I was truly happy to attend.”
– After Katie graduated from the University of Oregon, she earned a Master’s degree in public health at the University of Colorado and is now a working professional in that field.

The Difficult Questions

“Marco’s interview prep was immensely helpful for me. Like a real interviewer, Marco asks the difficult questions; unlike a real interviewer, he videotapes your practice sessions and gives you feedback on both your answers and your mannerisms. Definitely recommended, especially for those applying to schools with emphasis on the interview!”
– Arianna, a Harvard freshman, was also accepted at MIT and Smith.

Leadership and Challenge

“I’d spent one semester at a college in Oregon that just didn’t fit my personality. After I came back to Boulder I met Marco. Together we investigated different programs that could help me define what I wanted to do professionally. I ended up picking the National Outdoor Leadership School, in Lander, Wyoming. NOLS helped me discover my leadership potential and my aptitude for working in challenging situations. I’m now at the University of Colorado, double majoring in film production and international relations. Through it all, Marco helped me to believe in myself and to figure out who I really wanted to be.”
– Patrick, a graduate of the University of Colorado, went on to a dual career teaching outdoor leadership courses and writing website update programs for NOLS (National Outdoor Leadership School).

More Confidence

“Thank you so much for everything you have done for me. I have more confidence in myself now, especially when I take tests, and I couldn’t have managed that without you. Thank you so much!”
– Lindsey, a St. Olaf College Senior and scholarship winner.

Owning Your List, Questioning Your Values, Growing as a Person

“Sidney feels really proud of the college list you helped him build. You kept telling him to ask himself “why do I think I would be happy at this school?” You made him question some of his values, and eventually he understood himself a lot better. Now he owns that list; every school on it is there for a reason that’s real for him. It’s amazing how much he’s grown as a person.”
– Sidney’s mother speaks about her son, who graduated with high honors from Grinnell College and is now a doctoral candidate in Physics at the University of Colorado.

Mastering the Essay

“Thanks so much for working with Aidan on his Caltech essays. He feels much more confident and I’m sure it will help with his future applications. We appreciate so much you making this happen.”
– Aidan is now a sophomore at Caltech. His mother wrote the note above.

“Cutting back and being real”

“Marco, I can’t tell you how much you helped me improve my writing when we were working on those application essays. Before we started working together, I thought I had to impress people with my vocabulary and show off how smart I was. You made me realize that good writing is about cutting back and being real. I know this will help me in college.”
– Tia, a scholarship winner, is studying creative writing at Kenyon College.