Our Services — Bundled or Separate

Denver-Boulder College Consultants (BDCC) provides a range of services for our student clients both in-person and virtually.


  • Initial Conference – assess student’s academic background, interests, life goals, and feelings about college; advise on early action/early decision.
  • Create Career Profile – explore career interests, work values, transferable skills.
  • Start a Personality Profile – use online tests (Myers-Briggs and others) that describe your personality in concrete, objective terms and help you understand yourself and how you relate to other people.
  • Build a College List – we create a starter list of six to eight colleges, based on your strengths, social and academic interests, career goals, and preferences as to size and location; then we help you expand that list, with our ongoing advice.
  • Track and manage your applications – online timelines, spreadsheets, and trackers organize your college search and financial aid results, then remind you of approaching deadlines.
  • Test prep – SAT or ACT: strategies and guided practice for either test.
  • College Essay help – for college application essays and the Common App personal essay.
  • Admission Interview prep and coaching.
  • Guided tour (by us) of one college campus in Colorado.
  • Financial aid advice.

Denver-Boulder College Consultants (BDCC) packages their services in two different ways:


As a complete, comprehensive package of “bundled services” that includes all the help, guidance, resources, and materials you’ll need for the entire college application process, from start to finish, for a single, one-time fee. Click the button to learn more.


Our package of bundled services includes all the services listed on the “Comprehensive List of Services” shown above – a complete array of guidance, one-on-one meetings, materials, resources, and help–everything you’ll need for the entire college selection, application, and admissions process.

But there’s something more:
  • Unlike other college consultants, as part of our Bundled Services we offer an in-person, all day, guided tour of one college in Colorado (located within an hour’s drive from Denver).
    • The activities on this tour will serve as your template when you visit other schools, and we’ll guide you through them.
    • Most important, you’ll learn how to prepare for a meaningful college visit. Before arriving on campus, we’ll draft a list of key questions to ask, “must do” activities, and information to discover, that you can use anywhere.
  • Your tour will include:
    • Sitting in on a real college class in a subject area of your choice.
    • Lunch with current students in an on-campus dining hall. We prep you on what topics to discuss.
    • The college’s own campus tour and video presentation for prospective students. We accompany you on that tour.
    • An opportunity to speak with a professor. (Advance permission required.)
    • We prep you for that discussion, sit in with you, and show you how to ask authentic, meaningful questions that will help you decide whether that school is for you.

FEES for Bundled Services start at $4,500 for most seniors. For most juniors, the fee averages around $5,500.


Or as individual, “separate services” (things like essay coaching, test prep, etc.) that you can purchase as needed, on a limited, hourly basis. Click the button to learn more.

For those who need only a few, distinct types of assistance, we provide the services listed below, priced at $150 per hour. Essay coaching and test prep require a two-hour minimum commitment, payable in advance.

  • Essay coaching
  • SAT/ACT Test prep
  • Admission interview prep (guided, videotaped practice answering “typical questions”; develop strategies to take control of the interview)
  • Planning college visits

“I’d spent one semester at a college in Oregon that just didn’t fit my personality. After I came back to Boulder I met Marco. Through it all, Marco helped me to believe in myself and to figure out who I really wanted to be.” ~ Patrick, a graduate of the University of Colorado, went on to a dual career teaching outdoor leadership courses and writing website update programs for NOLS (National Outdoor Leadership School).

female graduating

“Marco helped me focus my college search to make it more manageable. He suggested schools that I had overlooked or never heard of, and helped me look deeper into what life at different campuses was really like, beyond just the academics. As I took this approach further, it gradually led me to the University of Oregon, a university that really excited me and that I was truly happy to attend.”

After Katie graduated from the University of Oregon, she earned a Master’s degree in public health at the University of Colorado and is now a working professional in that field.
Kim Gangwich

“Sidney feels really proud of the college list you helped him build. You kept telling him to ask himself “why do I think I would be happy at this school?” You made him question some of his values, and eventually he understood himself a lot better.”

Sidney’s mother speaks about her son, who graduated with high honors from Grinnell College and is now a doctoral candidate in Physics at the University of Colorado.
Kim Gangwich